HI speed freaks!

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Speed Junky
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HI speed freaks!

Post by Speed Junky » Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:14 pm

Hey guys and gals... I'm completely new to the forums and the site for that matter... :)

I am trying to get in touch with a couple of people I met on one of the track days so help me out... first of is

STEVE, the guy that runs a beaten down, but full of spirit Miata.

Brian, the Oriental Speed freak and overall drift King, (have to pay my respects and bow my head to hiss over all driving awesomeness)

Ed, the Instructor, or god of race track, nothing is done without his blessing.
And MR. President.....

so, if you guys know the people i'm talking about please send me their links.

thanks all of you, and will see you at the next event.

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