Occasional Glitches

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Occasional Glitches

Post by kyle.bowker » Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:35 pm

Today we experienced some occasional problems with the CDC website. Our web host, Yahoo!, was to blame. The problem has to do with their servers and the mySQL database that is hosted by Yahoo! Our blog, online reservation system, and discussion forum rely on the mySQL database to function. For some reason, those features were unable to establish a connection to the database.

I notified Yahoo! of the problem. After waiting on hold for 25 minutes I explained the issue. After waiting 10 more minutes they said their systems detected nothing wrong. While on hold, the website started working again. It was broken 10 minutes later. Another phone call, another 25 minute wait on hold, another 10 minutes explaining the problem. They say the issue has been escalated to the next level for review by their engineering staff. The customer service rep provided me with a case number and said it should be resolved in 3-5 business days. He also said that is their standard response time but often they can resolve the issue sooner. I'm happy to report that the website was up and running as it should when I got home from work. Obviously, since I am typing a message on the forum that requires mySQL to function.

At any rate, I hope we don't continue to experience service interruptions. If we do there is little I can do other than notify our web host. We are at their mercy. Yahoo! has been a fairly decent web host so far and we can't do better without spending a lot more money. I don't think we've lost any data as I checked the database when the site was working briefly this afternoon during my first telephone call to tech support. If you experience occasional connectivity issues please try the site again in a few minutes. If it's still not working, please contact either Ed or myself via e-mail so we can start working on the solution. Thanks!

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