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rsvp [at] e-mail address

Post by kyle.bowker » Wed May 21, 2008 11:18 am


I just realized a problem with our online reservation system. Several of you have sent replies to the automatic system generated e-mail confirmations from the online reservation system (rsvp [at] No one has been monitoring this e-mail inbox so your replies have fallen on deaf ears. I never put any sort of do-not-reply warning in this automatic system generated message. I apologize if you thought we were ignoring you! It wasn't my intention.

I need to do some thinking about how to resolve this issue. It will likely require some revamping of the computer software code that runs our online reservation system. The reason I chose to use the rsvp e-mail address for the automatic system generated e-mail confirmations is because the head organizer who handles reservations often changes from one event to another. Usually it's Ed who handles this, but sometimes it's me or David or others. One idea is to electronically assign the head organizer for each event from the admin control panel. This way the head organizer's e-mail address can automatically be placed in the "Reply To" portion of the e-mail header. Other improvements I've been thinking about include a conditional e-mail that allows us to customize the response message for each event, event location and/or event type. I should probably also echo your car and index information in the reservation confirmation e-mail. In case the database ever crashes we could rebuild the event roster from the e-mail record.

In the meantime, please do not reply to the rsvp [at] e-mail address. Also, please do not attempt to contact us through Google Groups, either, as it will cause delay and we probably won't get your message. Google Groups is set to announcement only and is not intended for dialog among club members.

Please send all inquires to ed.chan [at] or contact us here on the forum. Ed can respond to you directly or forward the message to the appropriate person in the club. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve this issue.

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