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Post by hepcatz » Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:08 am

So being new to CDC I figured an intro is in order..

My name is John N, I live in Fairfax and I am new to AX, having only done one event at the test and tune last month at Harry Grove. I have a 2008 blue mx-5 prht that is my daily driver and now ax car. I previously was bike only for transport for about 10 years and also completed in amateur racing. Being in my late 30s my bones don't heal quite as fast as they used to so I ventured back into the 4 wheel world a couple years ago but stayed impractical and bike-like with a '97 miata NA. When the prht version came out, I really liked the coupe look without sacrificing the convertible, not to mention the benefits it provides for a year round DD commuting into DC each day from NOVA, so I broke down and sold the NA and bought my first ever new car. I wanted to try out some casual racing so I looked into hpde/track and autocross. Unfortunately hpde/track events skill classify the car as a convertible so it must have a roll bar and to date nobody makes one compatible with the prht. The 70 extra lbs. of the top definately won't factor in to my times for a long while, it'll be my skill. besides, it'll pressure me to stay slim to offset it. Therefore, autocross it is! A little easier on the car and wallet anyways and I get to improve driving skills while having a lot of fun. It is kinda cool to be starting something new, challenging and that I suck at. =) I've been a member of mscw for a bit however they only hold a couple events a year. Did a search and found CDC and auto inc./scca. CDC had a long list of events and seemed more "local" or down to earth so I waited until this season when membership opened for new members (Ed meanwhile placed me on the E-newsletter) then came out on Sunday last month to try it out during the tnt event. Had an instructor on the first two runs and went on a ride along. (thanks to both!) I had a blast, dropped my time with each run (from 79 to 49, yeah, I know, still slow ) and plan on attending as many events as I can to learn, improve and most importantly maintain that 12 year old boy grin it creates! :lol:
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Re: intro

Post by kyle.bowker » Wed Apr 15, 2009 10:28 am

Welcome to the club!

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