1993 Mazda Miata (Parts Car)

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1993 Mazda Miata (Parts Car)

Post by Fendamonky » Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:47 pm

It's with a heavy heart that I admit defeat when it comes to the little red(ish) Miata that's treated me so well for the past 4-5 years...

In November I was commuting to work and a MASSIVE 7-axle Construction Dump truck cut across a two lane road in an attempt to catch an exit they were about to miss. Unfortunately I was occupying the lane that dumptruck cut through at the time, and my little NA got pinned between the truck and the median... Her days on the road are done (unless you're willing to put in the work and effort to either replace the front passenger side frame under the fender, or just go tube frame up there) but I'd like to offer her up as a parts car...

The Miata was in great working condition prior to the accident, and had a 1.6l with approx 150k on the clock (I'll need to check when I get home to be absolutely sure). Electricals all worked just fine, and I could go out and fire the car up right now without an issue, but the body prohibits from being driven.

Overall the body panels are largely free of rust (there is only one small patch at the typical spot in front of the rear wheel, on the drivers side), the soft top is in phenomenal shape (I got it off another NA that spent it's entire life in a garage before being totaled) with a good condition large (non-oxidized) plastic window that unzips to ease dropping the top. The drivetrain is solid. 3 out of four (original) wheels are undamaged with good all-season rubber on them (I had just swapped from my summer tires to winter tires.)

The good:

Drivetrain is in great shape! - I kept up with all maintenance and replaced broken bits.
Electricals are all there and ripe for the picking
Soft top is in great shape (plastic "window" is not oxidized at all and has a zipper for dropping the top)
3 of 4 OEM wheels are undamaged and have good all-season tires on them with plenty of tread and are only a few years old.
Interior is in pretty good shape (considering age) with nothing glaringly broken.
All body/dash harnesses are in good shape and undamaged.

The Bad:

F/R Fender is mangled.
F/R Headlight is a bit jacked up
Front Bumper broken.
Windshield has slight (but noticeable) spiderweb from point of impact)
Rear Driverside Wheel cracked (but surprisingly still holds a bead)

The other INS Co rejected the claim since their driver denied fault (despite all evidence to the contrary) and I made the mistake of carrying bare minimum coverage. Title is in hand and has NOT been collected for conversion to salvage.

I just picked up a new (to me) NA last weekend and need to make space in the driveway... I would MUCH prefer to see the Miata go to a fellow enthusiast who will be able to make use of the parts, but I'll call one of those "we buy any car" companies if needed..

Please feel free to email or text me if you're interested. Though the Miata runs just fine you *would* need to tow it, a sway bar connection was broken, and the rear D/S alignment got WAY pushed in during the accident and I think the P/S steering connection took a beating as well as it's very darty and the front wheels have gone cross-eyed..

I'm not sure why, but my cell phone pics aren't loading (too large), please email or text for photos or with questions.



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