WTB: NA Miata Project

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WTB: NA Miata Project

Post by Areddi » Thu Apr 09, 2015 11:06 am

In the market to pick up a Miata again. I am looking for a project that needs some work because I like to tinker, and taking my time will be perfectly fine. Here is what I am looking for:

- Manual NA that can be historic tagged
- Strong preference for a 1.8 94' or 95', but if the price and condition were right could consider a 1.6 car
- Engine needs to be running but okay if it needs work including being close to a TB/WP job
- Paint condition does not matter
- As little rust as possible
- Something in the $1,500 price range give or take

Stressing again I am looking for a project and expecting something needing work. This will be a street car so options do not really matter, LSD would be great but not a big deal.

I am consistently scouring Craigslist so while links there are appreciated, I have likely already seen them. I am looking for preferably a club member who wants to part with their Miata or knows someone who does!


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